The next frontier of
AI driven Automation

AutonicX, the next frontier of AI driven Automation

IT leaders must shift their mindset from individual processes and workflows automation to holistic mindset where automation becomes the core and integral component of organization. Organizations must develop knowledge-based automation technology and services providing AI driven cognitive operations. Cognitive systems need to synthesize vast amounts of data to generate powerful insights and connections as these cognitive technologies are expected to increasingly drive automation. Intelligent automation systems detect and produce vast amounts of information and can automate entire process workflows, learning and adapting as they go.

Enabling Agile, Intelligent and Highly Automated Enterprise

Autonicx enables you to continuously automate your business process, operations and knowledge base leveraging the vast amounts of enterprise data so your teams can focus more on innovation.

Key Capabilities

Intelligent Bots
Autonicx Inteligent bots are self-learning software systems that understand the enterprise IT operations landscape and objectives and performs their tasks more efficiently and in a cost-effective manner while providing new insights in the process that allow IT to deliver better value to business.
Zero-Code/Low-Code Workflow Designer
No more error-prone, complex scripting knowledge required to design workflows that will be executed to automate business/operation activities. Autonicx provides an easy to use canvas to build simple to complex workflow with very little coding effort.
Automated Operations
Autonicx AI driven automation helps enterprises automate repetitive business processes at scale both on-premise and in the cloud. Its built-in integration , self-learning and robust workflow capabilities goes beyond automating the existing business processes and decision making but transform them in alignment with the business objectives.
Embedded Analytics
Real-time analytics capabilities are natively embedded in Autonicx platform that continuously monitor, analyze and optimize the intelligent Bots performance. It tracks and logs every interaction and activity of these bots reducing the need for any external audit and visualization tools.

Auto Remediation
Autonicx executes remediation actions based on specific triggers. One can create triggers based on the data ingested, collected and processed. So whenever the condition specified in the trigger is met, associated workflows will be executed that perform the remediation tasks. Autonicx goes a step further and applies deep and machine learning techniques to measure the performance of remediation actions and provide recommendations to improve them.

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